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Experience the delicacies of farm cuisine tinged with the robust flavors of traditional Tanzania gastronomy. Your personalized class is an introduction to deliciously distinct differences in farm and regional cuisines.  Walk the acres of herb and vegetable gardens with the executive chef, harvest for the personal menu.

“40 years ago Margaret Gibb began the dairy, piggery and organic vegetable gardens to provide healthy fresh food for the weary safari traveller,” said Kuntal. “Celebrating this legacy we now make cheeses, fruit spreads, and a cooking stye that accentuates freshness and simplicity. We have found these themes of great interest among our visitors.”

Recently the cuisine quality and traditions of Gibb’s Farm were recongized by Good Safari Guide.  The African Gourmet experience is an ideal way to learn our kitchen and organic traditions.

  1. Supplemental cost per person per night: $90

  2. One hour cooking and farm harvest session per day with Chef Kuntal.

  3. One consultation and one 1 hour African Living Spa healing session per day/person per full day.

  4. Laundry services

  5. ALL drinks excluding premium brands

  6. ALL Farm Life activities listed below.

  7. General Conditions:

  8. Valid for two or more consecutive nights stay at full board (American Plan - three meals)

  9. Deposit and reservations made according to policy

  10. No refunds will be given for unused services

  11. Package available for the posted schedule only




The farm is a busy place. The Chef and the farmhouse kitchen are best available for traveler cooking classes during the following weeks:

April ~ May
Week 1- 4

September ~ November
Week 1- 4

Chef Kuntal has been teaching in the farm kitchens since his arrival a year ago. Two  years ago he wrote his first cookbook, The Original Organics Cookbook (below) while Executive Chef at South Asia’s first destination spa Ananda in the Himalayas.  Voted Top Spa Chef by Spa Asia Magazine and Web Magazine, Kuntal started his commercial kitchen experience at the Ananda resort
before completing two years under the guidance of Michelin Star chefs Michael Wignall and Jean Christophe Besseau at Devonshire Arms Country House Hotel in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

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40th Year Anniversary

Many Reasons to Celebrate

African Living Spa
Garden Sunset
Afternoon Tea
Farm-Style Meals
Garden Tour
Farm Walk
Ngorongoro Forest Walk
Coffee Roasting
Tloma Primary School Visit
Village Walk
Traditional Medicine Walk
Reflection and Discussion
At the Forest Dinner we entered the gathering, I was offered a plate filled with tasty finger-sized bones of a stringy, yet delectable goat meat which was being sliced from a carcass grilled on a spit over an open fire. My wife, who feigns vegetarianism at moments like these, enjoyed corn on the cob also cooked in the open flames. We accompanied the appetisers with some great-tasting South African wines, while speaking with Gibb's Farm educated staff with whom we mingled during the social hour including their head chef, traditional healer, and artist-in-residence...

As dusk came we settled into a candlelit sit down dinner including a delicious rice curry, an amazing eggplant stew, fresh veggies, and chicken and sliced beef. And I had been worried when I booked the Safari about what I would find to eat in the wild!  
Trip Advisor, January 29, 2010
Thank you so much for a very special day of our culinary journey, now being able to use recipes for our families in the future.  Being able to see the entire process of coffee  from tree to table will long be a vision in my memory and taste buds in my mouth... How Delicious !  What a fantastic experience.
To your health,   Corinne.    December 13, 2009



Participate in farm activities:

vegetable harvest, cow milking, cheese making, coffee fire roasting

Introduction to farm organics

Meet the Farm Managers

Planting cycles and seasonality

Sustainability of the Farm

Cooking session with the Chef

in studio kitchen

Herb Garden walk with the Chef

Food as medicine talk with

Traditional Healers