Choose an event and align your travel dates to enhance your safari experience.

Most of the festival, wellness and cultural occurrences are for a week or more. 

The experience is toned by the cycles of Life In The Bush and rhythms of Life On The Farm.

Consider the variety of excellent opportunities to experience the North Tanzanian safari and way of life.













Temperatures are warm, rains are short and nights can be chilly. The Serengeti is green and, with the rains, the wildebeest and other plains game have migrated to the southern end of the National Park, near Ndutu.

This is the period of the long rains. Serengeti is not only green, it is also a profusion of flowers and at its most beautiful. However, roads and tracks may prove muddy and waterlogged. With the long rains temperatures may be cool during the day and

cold at night.

First of the short rains begin and the migration moves back to the southern part of the Serengeti, usually reaching the plains by late December. Down in the south of Tanzania the rains start and that often means that the roads and tracks

are impassable.

Farmlands are planted before the coming of the long rains

Coffee trees blooming

Coffee harvesting

Bee honey harvesting

Coffee tree pruning and planting

The rains have ended and the wildebeest have left the short grass plains, heading west and north of the Serengeti. Temperatures are higher.

It is a excellent time to visit Tarangire and the southern parks,

such as Ruaha and the Selous.

The rhythm of farm life follows the sun, as does local 
Swahili time which is six hours difference.  Visitors are welcome anywhere on the farm to explore her rhythm.
Water color illustration by Denis Cluveal
Sanaa Artist-in-Residence 2005
Life on the Farm
Life in the Bush

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“There is SO much to do here, and if we had an extra day we would have taken advantage of all the activities that are available all day long, and are included with your stay. Every morning you receive a farm itinerary (Rhythm of The Farm) that invites you to things going on all day long: breakfast bread making, coffee planting, coffee roasting, cow milking, vegetable harvesting, daily pasteurizing (yogurt & cheese making), pig feeding, volleyball, forest trail check, bushbaby feedings and morning bird census. Times are given, and you can just show up and participate. How cool is that? There is also ‘artist in residence’ programs going on throughout the day, naturalist/medicinal talks, and campfires at night. This is in addition to all of the ‘custom’ bookings you can arrange as well, some with and some without a fee, including walks, hikes, biking, village visits, etc. “
January 2010, Trip Advisor