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In time for the harvest celebration Gibb’s Farm prepares with the first annual drum competition. The Iraqw people of Tloma have a special relationship with ngoma drums. Called ngoma in Swahili and Oyyi in Iraqw, they have traditionally been used for communication and celebration as well as being a symbol of authority. 

This festival examples the recent award: 2010  First Place Responsible Tourism Educational Travel Community.

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We recognise the traditional harvest of Tanzania by celebrating her rich cultural diversity. Most travellers are drawn to the northern safari circuit in celebration of its rich bio-diversity. During this week we offer both highlighted by the first annual ngoma drum competition.

Nane Nane is one of the many vibrant public holidays in Tanzania, held on August 8 (the 8th of the 8th month, Nane Nane means "eight eight" in Swahili). Nane Nane, or Farmer’s Day is marked every year where farmers and other stakeholders exchange knowledge and business.  Recently a large agricultural trade show is staged in Arusha. In the country side, on the shamba, the occasion is celebrated quite differently.

The village is full of energy and life as the harvest has been collected.  Large or small, the villagers take turns sharing some of the bounty with the neighbouring families throughout the week.  ‘Sharing of the Bounty’ is a new annual event on the farm inspired by the villagers.

Perhaps this may be a carry over from the early 60‘s when the father of the nation’ Nyerere used Ujamaa as the basis for a national development project.  The villagization of production which essentially collectivized all forms of local productive capacity; the fostering of Tanzanian self-reliance through two dimensions: the transformation of economic and cultural attitudes. Perhaps the spirit of the collective good still prevails event though the Ujamaa has long been abandon.

Arusha celebrates Nane Nane with an ambitious exhibition of ways the state and business support agricultural. The short video link at left examples the use of a small devise to help maze growers with a bicycle.

For more information visit the Cottages of Gibb’s Farm Tlamoa House, Ngoma House, Shamba House and Anniversary House

Arusha’s version of Nane Nane


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August 3~8th 2011


Drum Competition

Farmhand Choir

Evening Talks at Tembo Fireplace

SANAA Art Exhibition

Sharing of the Bounty

Traditional Cuisine with

Lunch & Dinner

First Place Honoree 2010

Responsible Tourism Showcase

The Educational Travel Community’s recognition of our Living-Museum educational programs, bridging the traveler’s experience, community learning and economy, is based on the long heritage of this eighty year old farm estate.


40th Year Anniversary

Many Reasons to Celebrate

Garden Sunset
Afternoon Tea
Farm-Style Meals
Garden Tour
Farm Walk
Ngorongoro Forest Walk
Coffee Roasting
Tloma Primary School Visit
Village Walk
Traditional Medicine Walk
Reflection and Discussion