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Globally celebrated April 22, at Gibb’s Farm we have two events, one Mid-April when the farm is seasonally slow and everyone has time to participate and learn.  The second is later in the year, in May. In recognition of the world earth day’s start 40 years ago in 1970, Gibb’s Farm launches its first festivities.

This festival examples the recent award: 2010  First Place Responsible Tourism Educational Travel Community.

  1. No Supplemental cost for this program

  2. Participate in the Earth Week activities noted below

  3. ALL Farm Life activities listed below.

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  5. Valid for two or more consecutive nights stay at full board (American Plan - three meals)

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Earth Day & Week

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First Place Honoree 2010

Responsible Tourism Showcase

The Educational Travel Community’s recognition of our Living-Museum educational programs, bridging the traveler’s experience, community learning and economy, is based on the long heritage of this eighty year old farm estate.


40th Year Anniversary

Many Reasons to Celebrate

Garden Sunset
Afternoon Tea
Farm-Style Meals
Garden Tour
Farm Walk
Ngorongoro Forest Walk
Coffee Roasting
Tloma Primary School Visit
Village Walk
Traditional Medicine Walk
Reflection and Discussion

The Green Living Project’s 2008 video introduces some of the ecological practices of Gibb’s Farm.

Many will be explored during our first annual Earth Week.

Margaret and Jim Gibb concerned them-selves with the ecological responsibility of the farm soon after they started to manage it in 1948.  Concerned not only as stewards of over 500 acres of land at the time, but for the community and wildlife as well.

The planned events will help the participant better understand the how we share responsibility to sustain the environment and many examples found at Gibb’s Farm.

April  17 ~ 22

Earth Week Events

Eco Farm Walk

Estate Forest Walk

Organic Cooking Classes

Evening Tembo Fire Place

Ecology Talk

April  22

Earth Day Events

The First Earth Day Celebration in Tanzania          was held.  See below for slideshow & announcement download.

Believed to be the first community Earth Day for Tanzania, its 40th anniversary on April 22nd was marked at Gibb’s Farm, itself a historic coffee plantation welcoming travellers starting 40 years ago. The occasion helped participants better understand how the coffee farm has been a leader in sustainable farming and tourism.

The First Earth Day Celebration in Tanzania 2010

Click to open slideshow or download announcement.