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With the farm tree nursery - add to the hundreds of young tree saplings (predominantly native species) already planted in the community farms to control erosion and reforest the environment. 

This program examples the recent award: 2010  First Place Responsible Tourism Educational Travel Community. Chosen village farms receive help from the Gibb’s Farm tractor to create erosion control contours.  Young indigenous trees are transplanted from the farm nursery.  In the past we have also planted trees at local schools with the help of the students.  Travellers are invited to join us to periodically plant more trees when the weather conditions are acceptable.

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  2. ALL Farm Life activities listed below.

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Our Future

A retired employee of the farm was an officer of the Anti-Poaching Patrol of Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCAA). We know first hand the pressures of urbanisation - heighten animal and wood poaching of NCAA.  The eight gardens on the estate include indigenous medicine plants (cared for by the African Living Spa) many of which are becoming endangered with deforestation and over collection. 

By including travellers in our efforts to assist the community with tree planting erosion control we are inspired by the work of such organisations as the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group which presently focuses on Tanzania's other important forests, the Eastern Arc Mountains and Coastal Forests, an area that does not enjoy the world’s attention such as the NCAA.  Their achievements are documented in the video links, left.

We celebration the tradition of Gibb’s Farm assisting the community with reforestation. Thousands of trees have been planted over the years.

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Tree Nursery

A tree nursery with hundreds of young tree saplings (predominantly native species) are planted on the farm and in the community and private forest reserve to control erosion and reforest the environment.  Over the last 15 years, much of the farm estate forests have been restored with such panting, in part as a demonstration.   Today we have helped the neighbours plant trees to control erosion in their shamba farm.

First Place Honoree 2010

Responsible Tourism Showcase

The Educational Travel Community’s recognition of our Living-Museum educational programs, bridging the traveler’s experience, community learning and economy, is based on the long heritage of this eighty year old farm estate.


40th Year Anniversary

Many Reasons to Celebrate

Garden Sunset
Afternoon Tea
Farm-Style Meals
Garden Tour
Farm Walk
Ngorongoro Forest Walk
Coffee Roasting
Tloma Primary School Visit
Village Walk
Traditional Medicine Walk
Reflection and Discussion